Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Remedies for losing weight: 7 Steps

7 Home Remedies for losing weight

Losing weight is never easy. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to lose weight. There are no shortcuts and easy path when you are planning to lose weight. We hear about a lot of rumors; losing weight within a week and all those fake news. But many failed to prove it true. Even if it is true, it takes a lot of money and we don’t know what the side effects are or will be. That is why without risking our body and putting into it in the bet you can use natural remedies that you can get in the kitchen or while going for grocery market. This is an easy & basic step but it differs for people due to environmental and genetic factors. But it still is effective and safe to lose weight. It won’t affect your body in any way possible. 

1. Cinnamon Tea

Consuming Cinnamon Tea can be a difficult task for most of the people but it takes a whole lot of credit and turns down the taste critics for its ability to lose weight. Because blood sugar is directly linked with the weight, balancing it will stop you from having disproportionally large appetite. Cinnamon helps to manage the blood sugar levels.

Boil water and add ground cinnamon to the water. Cover the boiling water and leave it be for 8-10 minutes. Drink it twice a day without skipping.

2. Green Tea

Everyone probably knows that green tea helps to lose and maintain weight. Many still debate to this day with green tea being a fact or a myth. But research has shown that Green tea really helps to lose the weight. For this, you’ll need 1 teaspoon of green tea and ginger root. You can also add honey for a better taste. 

Make a green tea while adding the pieces of ginger. Let the tea boil for 2-4 minutes and serve it hot. Do not exceed 4 minutes because boiling green tea for too long can have a bitter taste for you so be careful. 

3. Chew Gum

As stupid as it sounds it works really well for losing weight. Chewing gum actually loses weight. It is a clever way to deceive the mind into thinking it can gained enough energy than it actually is. The added flavors of the chew gum helps to lower the appetite.

4. Yogurt and Honey

This tasty breakfast is for everyone. Yogurt helps to digest track and balance healthy gut flora that breaks down fat. And honey is for fulfilling the urge or desires of any cravings. For this you’ll need 1 cup of plain yogurt and 1 tablespoon of raw honey. Eat it for breakfast or snack with honey. To enhance the taste, you can also add any fruits of your desire.

-Yogurt and Honey are mostly used to treat acne on face.

5. Apple

Eating an apple daily can help to lose the weight. Apple is not like any other fruits and vegetables with high nutrition. They have limited nutrition and high fiber which helps to curb appetite. So eat it when you are hungry to fill the belly without being hungry while also losing weight. 

6. Drink Water

Drinking water and keeping the body hydrated is the most important part of losing weight. And yes, drinking water helps to lose weight. Many people say it is only a myth, but many people have confirmed that drinking a lot of water actually helps to maintain health while losing weight as well as cleaning your skin. You should drink ice cold water to burn calories. I guess a hot day will help to cool down the body and lose weight. I believe this is a fine idea for losing weight.

7. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice is the perfect drink for thirst and weight loss. Lemon Juice gives the help in digestion of food and gives the G.I the help to break down the foods where applying it directly to your skin, can clear or remove pimples and blackheads. You can also add black pepper to cut down the weight. Black pepper contains chemical called piperine which interferes with the genes controlling the fat and absorbs the nutrition from the food. 

Have patience and the determination to lose the weight and in no time you will be able to do it. It does require some hard work, dedication and the spirit to lose weight, but hey! No pain, no gain right? Do not skip these steps. They may sound simple but they work their way for breaking out the weight. Did we miss something? If we have, then do comment below.

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