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7 Natural Home Remedies | How to Get Clear Skin

Tips to Get Clear and Smooth Skin

Do you have a date tomorrow? Worried that your face is too oily or not clear enough for the date? Even though you have eaten right, got a good long sleep and exercised are you still facing  face problems?  I know, it can be really irritating and frustrating. So we bring you 7 simple ways to get rid of those sneaky little pimples overnight and we guarantee you that you’ll get a glowing looking skin overnight.

1. Wash your face

Washing your face ways get clear skin
Be sure to use moisturize your skin after clearing your skin

Simple enough right? Always keeping your face clean is the best way to get good riddance of acne. Wash the face before going to bed. The method is simple. Wash the face with lukewarm water to get the pores open. Then apply a cleanser to clean out the dirt. Follow up the process by using cold water to close the pores.  The trick is to get out the sweat and dirt that you have to deal with all day. We recommend not washing face for too many times because too much can make your skin irritated.

2. Face mask

full face mask to get rid of acne
Strawberry, Honey and Curd are best natural ways to cure your skin

Another one on our list to get a clear skin overnight is by using face mask. It doesn’t have to be specific face mask. You can make face mask out of many items. But we recommend using strawberry, honey and yogurt face mask to help unclog pores.

3. Hydrate your skin

Hydration can help to get clear skin
Drink atleast 2-3 liter of water a day

A dry skin is really bad and will get you wrinkles and ages your face. Wash your face with water and use lotion with anti-aging elements will get you a fair looking skin. So yeah, the key is to hydrate the skin.

4. Clay Mask

Effective ways to get clear skin
Leave it for atleast 20 minutes

Clay mask is good for the mask. It’s mostly healthy and natural for your skin and won’t leave any side effects. Clay mask helps to clean out unnecessary oil and bacteria from your skin. Clay mask also gets rid of gunk clogged inside. Thus helps in getting rid of blackheads.

5. Oatmeal

Oat patch remedy
You can eat it or mask it to get clear skin

Oatmeal is a great way to get clear skin. It’s filled with nutrition and also used for treating skin problems besides making a healthy breakfast. To make oatmeal mask, mix oatmeal with lemon juice. Apple the oatmeal mask onto your face and leave it for 30 minutes. After you are done, risen it off with water. The lemon acid kills the bacteria in your pores and oatmeal will bring down the swelling. Go Oatmeal!

6. Don’t pick it

Picking pimples or touching skin with dirty hand causes
Instead of picking pimples, Dry your particular skin do following

One of the reasons why people don’t have a clear skin even though they are doing everything correctly is because they pop out pimples or touch the skin. The hands can be dirty and if you touch the face or skin directly then the bacteria on the hand gets mixed with the face and will make the skin irritated which causes the skin to produce more problems. Do not touch the skin with dirty hands. If you have to, then do it with clean washed hands. Instead of picking pimples, dry out your skin using toothpaste, use honey.

7. Aloe Vera

use Aloe oil to get rid of acne
aloe vera are one of top ten natural methods to clear and cure your skin

Aloe vera is great for treating skin problems and getting you to have a fair looking glowing skin. Before going to bed, pick a small aloe vera plant and apply the aloe vera gel to the face and rub it well. Leave it for one hour and wash it with water for getting a glowing looking clear skin. Aloe vera can also be used for treating scars, burns and wonds. So yay!

So these are some of the tips to get clear skin overnight. I may have missed some other points so if you know any other good way to get clear skin, do mention it in the comment section. Hope you’ll have a good looking skin after following these methods.

What are your remedies for getting clear skin? Let us know by commenting them below!

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