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How to Get Perfectly White Teeth : 7 Step

7 Home Remedies for White Teeth

Everyone likes beautiful shining white teeth. It makes people look more attractive and charming. But many people don’t have proper white teeth so they avoid smiling in the public areas. There are various reasons for teeth being yellow. It can be caused due to ageing, a poor dental hygiene, excessive use of coffee, tea and smoking. Other factors that cause yellow teeth are overuse of antibiotics and improper metabolism.
Many people believe that to get clean white teeth, people must seek professional and their treatments. But that is not true.

 Yes, professional treatment can help to get clean white teeth but it takes a lot of patience and time. It is also very expensive. If you want to get white teeth fast, you can try home remedies which are natural and won’t harm the teeth in anyway. So go to the kitchen and start searching for the following ingredients that will give you a white teeth and a beautiful smile. Here are out 7 remedies for treating yellow teeth.

1. Baking Soda

Remedies for White teeth

This ingredient is a white teeth agent and works like magic. It is one of the preferred and popular ingredients for getting white teeth. It helps to remove plaque and gives you perfect white teeth. To use this ingredient you’ll need to:
- Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with toothpaste. Brush your teeth with this mixture. Be sure to get all the yellow parts of the teeth. Once done, risen with water. Do it 1-2 times a week.
- You can also make a baking soda mouthwash by combining one spoon of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and one glass of cold water.
Warning : Baking Soda can remove enamel making your teeth much sensitive for some people

2. Strawberries

Strawberries for teeth whitening

Strawberries are high with vitamin C which can help to get white teeth. To use strawberry for white teeth agent you need to:
- Make strawberries into a paste with the help of grinder or a mixture. Once you get the juicy paste done, rub the strawberries paste on the teeth. Do it daily for three weeks straight to get out the best whiteness of your teeth.
-Another method with strawberry is by mixing strawberry with baking soda and rubbing in the teeth. Wash the teeth with warm water after you are done.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide found home helps teeth

Hydrogen peroxide can help to get you white teeth again. To use this method:
- Use a mouthwash that contains hydrogen peroxide. Gargle the mouth and on the safety note do not swallow it.
Safety note: Some people can be irritated by hydrogen peroxide because it can irritate the gums and make the teeth sensitive.

4. Lemon

Lemons for teeth white

Lemon contains bleaching property that can easily get rid of yellow teeth.  To use this method you need to:
- Get a bowl and mix lemon juice with salt.
- Rub the mixture of lemon juice and salt through the teeth and make sure to get all of them. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and gargle mouth with water.
- Do this method daily to get rid of the yellow tinge.

5. Orange Peels

Oranges home remedy

You thought that orange peels were for throwing away? Well, it’s got better use than throwing it away. It contains vitamin C and calcium that will fight against micro-organisms and in result get rid of yellow teeth. Cleaning the teeth with orange teeth daily with reduce the yellow tinge. To proceed with this process, you’ll need to:
- Get orange peel and rub it against the teeth every night.
- You can also use dried peels if you don’t have any fresh orange peels.
-  Orange peel as well as its juice can be used to treat your acne. 

6. Apples

Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Like that, eating an apple daily will help to get clean and white teeth.
- Eat an apple daily to get rid of the yellow stain from the teeth.

7. Holy Basil

Holy Basil for white teeth

Holy Basil (Tulsi) has whitening properties that can cleanse the teeth and make them white again. Besides that, Holy Basil also keeps teeth safe from pyorrhea. To do this step you’ll need to:
- Keep the Holy Basil in the sun for an hour or two. Leave them to dry and crush them to form a powder.
- Use the powder for your teeth. You can either rub the powder against the teeth with your hand or brush your way through the teeth with Holy Basil powder.
- After you are done, risen the mouth with water.

Using these following remedies you can get white teeth within a few weeks. Just be sure to have oral hygiene for the change. If we have missed some good remedies to treat yellow teeth then feel free to share with us.  

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