Monday, September 21, 2015

How to Promote Hair Growth: 7 Effective Remedy

7 Effective Foods That Promote Hair Growth

Everyone wants a beautiful, healthy and long hair. But the products we find on the market are just hard to use as we can’t trust anyone of them. Adding to it, market products also do have side effects like dandruff and hair damage. So we are going to suggest you something different to make your hair grow and be free from hair loss.This article is mostly about having essential healthy diet but if you are looking for growing your hair by using natural food then check out natural remedies for healthy hair article. This time we bring you 7 effective foods that can help to get longer hair. So let us get started.

1. Avocado

Hair Fall control avocado
Avocado can be used for skin too

Avocado contains the fats that are required by the body to function properly. Our body does not naturally create these required fats so we have to eat avocados to get the essential fatty acid. If eaten regularly in a fixed time routine, you can have beautiful and long hair. Other foods such as fish and walnuts also contain the fatty acid to get a healthy and long hair.

2. Strawberries and Red Peppers

Strawberries are Effective solution to hair growth

Strawberries and red peppers have vitamin C in them as vitamin C ramps up collagen production. When you get into the middle age, these collagen starts to decrease and thus makes your hair damaged. So strawberries and red peppers can help to maintain the collagen production.

3. Eggs

Aren’t eggs great for everything? As I already mentioned in my recent article. Egg helps to have a clear skin and reduces acne. Same way, it also helps to get a strong, long and healthy looking hair. Minerals silica and zinc are important for hair growth and egg has that. Other items such as brazil nuts and pecans also have high minerals silica and zinc to get a healthy and long hair.

4. Sea Vegetables

Sea vegetables reach in fiber
Sea Vegetables

Sea vegetables such as dulse, nori, wakame have iodine. Iodine helps from having thin hair. So eat these sea vegetables to have a healthy looking hair.

5. Sunflower seeds and olives

Olives or its oil are health for skin and hair
Olive or its oil can also treat pimples

Sunflower seeds and olives contain vitamin E which helps to make the hair strong and free from hair damage. Other foods such as almonds, pine nuts, dried apricots and cooked spinach also has vitamin E. So consume these foods to have a strong and long hair.

6. Green Leafy Vegetables

Vegetables for Strong hai
Vegetables like onions are always rich of healthy nutrients.

Iron causes the hair to grow fast which can be found on green leafy vegetables. Eating lot of greeny vegetables can make your hair grow faster while making it healthy. Other foods such as blackstrap molasses, dried fruits and berries also have iron. So go green!

7. Brown Rice and Oats

Oats for blackhead treatment and hair growth
Oats has many benefits including removing blackheads from nose.

Brown rice and oatmeal has biotic, a vitamin B complex which helps to strengthen and makes the hair longer. It is a healthy way to make your hair healthy as both contains high nutrition in them. Some other food which has biotic are nuts and almonds.

So these are some of the healthy foods which help to promote hair growth. Sounds delicious and healthy, doesn’t it? Eat these foods in a schedule and you’ll be getting long and healthy hair in no time. If you think I missed some of the important foods, don’t hesitate to share it with us because our motto is care, share and spread the love together.

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