Friday, August 5, 2016

7 home remedies to Fight Against a Common cold

7 home remedies to Fight Back Against a Cold.

Catching a cold is very common among us. Decrease in self immunity during seasonal changes benefits this viral disease affecting most of people twice or thrice every year. Infected person retards in daily activity feeling alike being cursed. So, it is always best to take precaution and be aware of home remedies and remain healthy.Here are the seven home remedies.

1. Hot Ginger Tea

Hot Ginger tea is ancient but widely accepted natural medication for cold. Its really easy to prepare, you just need to pour hot water into a jar with freshly grated ginger root(6-8 tablespoon). You may added other ingredients alike cinnamon, lemon or honey. Make sure you keep it covered to avoid steaming of essential oil goodness. For fast healing taking steam through your face covered with towel is also favorable.
Drinking 3 times a day will definitely show positive results the other day.

2. Honey-Onion Syrup
Honey is a great sore throat healer while onion help in removal of bacterial and inflammatories action.
Simply, pour honey in a sliced onion base in a jar. Leave this covered tightly overnight. Take about three spoon an hour. This syrup also helps in relaxation of chest

3. Mullein
Mullein is a towering biennial herb found throughout Michigan in fields, meadows, and anywhere the ground has been disturbed. It is medium with yellow petaled flowers and leaves generally accepted to remove cough.
For the recipe, place the herb in a large mug with hot water. Also, add honey and stir well. Drink atleast Thrice a day to cleanup your congestion.

 4. Radish
Radish consists of various vitamins, minerals acting as an antiseptic vegetable.
Horseradish is said to be powerful Decongestant than a regular radish. Radish is quite good for sore throat & whooping cough. Daily eating of 2-3 radishes helps with congestion along with mouth and breath freshening and metabolism regulation.

5. Elderberry Syrup: Elderberry (European Elder) is often chosen herbal remedy for cough and cold. It has high  anti-inflammatory properties containing a lot of bioflavonoids said to be more effective than vaccine. To Prepare this syrup; Firstly, boil 2/3 cup of dried elderberry. Strain the liquid through a strainer. Stir it on addition of honey to cool at room temperature. Daily Take 1 spoon.
Daily intake 1 spoon every 3-4 hours until full recovery.

6. Essential Steam: Steaming is  very well known remedy for cough and cold. It is best to use essential oils in steam of strong odor alike tea tree and eucalyptus which are in enriched in anti-viral properties. Use a towel to cover your face and intake steam from the bowl with a boiled water added 6-10 drops

6-10 drops of tea tree/eucalyptus oil directly to your face. Do it atleast thrice a day.

Aromatherapy Inhaler
Its not hard to make your own aromatherapy inhaler if you have right recipe that maybe equivalent to menthol. Find a cleansed and well washed tincture bottle/vial and add some rock salt and some drops of eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil.

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